Tommy Fury’s jaw-dropping 20kg body transformation after beating Jake Paul faces fan’s ridicule: “Paddy Pimblett diet”

There is no doubt that Tommy Fury has been having a good time recently. However, it appears that the Manchester native overindulged after beating Jake Paul, as it is evident from his most recent public appearance that the boxer has put on a lot more weight since their grudge battle. 

Following Tommy’s split decision victory over Jake on February 26 at the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh, the WBC moved the undefeated fighter to position 39 in the rankings. The British boxer, who also became a father this year, deserves to take some time off from the ring and spend it with his family.

What did fans think about the body transformation of Tommy Fury?

The 23-year-old fighter made the decision to add about three stone in six weeks because TNT still doesn’t have a confirmed fight set in the upcoming months. The next fight for the British might be a rematch with The Problem Child or KSI. His fans, though, commented on his body transformation on Twitter.

Nathan R seems to be quite sure that Tommy isn’t stepping into the ring anytime soon as he commented, “I guess that’s how we know he’s not fighting ksi or Jake in a rematch anytime soon.”

“Tommy Fury is on the Paddy Pimblett diet.” a user commented. 

Another user named Moston22 showed optimism regarding Tommy’s capability to be back in shape saying, “this is every fighter when not in camp once he enters camp he be back in shape.”

“Even since the fight of jake Paul he been eating fat calories and carbs nonstop.” Calca said. 

Ben has a pretty similar thought to the previous user as he said, “Blokes just won his fight made millions and prob enjoyed some downtime with his family, most fighters look average out of camp but they can get back in shape in no time.” 

A user is being a little suspicious pointing out possible PED use by TNT as he said, “Looks like he’s on roids my mate used to take them and the way his belly and shape is is exactly like this and he used to be skinny as hell.” 

“So what ? If anyone actually realised the dedication and hardwork these lads put into training for these fights they’re more than entitled to take a break and relax things a bit. Won’t take long to get it back when your an elite athlete.” another user commented.

According to Jack Kenworthy, Tommy deserves to have some leisure after such a dominating victory. Jack said, “He has just become a dad and after all the pressure I’m honestly not surprised he most likely just wants some time off to enjoy him self isn’t that big a deal.”

When do you think Tommy will be back in the ring? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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