Transfer Rumor: PSG eager to sell Neymar for just €100m summer to save €40m yearly wage to improve on Kylian Mbappe

Cloud Roads spotlighted uncontrollably existing monumental, a diverse cast of engaging characters, and an exciting adventure plot. It is that rarest of fantasies with a storyline that deviates from ten thousand others, and Neymar was the prince of this fairytale when PSG paid a record $220 million to capture him from Barcelona in 2017.

PSG found their “Messiah” in Neymar, and the world was astounded, barely believing that such enormous funds could be invested in a single player.

These adventures have been told, and what has emerged now is the story of departure, the story of the prince’s agony after the hero of the fictitious character changed, as Mbappe now owns and controls PSG, furthermore, making the decision who stays and who departs from the club.

Neymar is currently earning $800,000 per week and is arguably their most important player since joining PSG. He is a leader in the field and possesses mesmerizing skills.

But his lack of physical ability is his greatest enemy, as he tends to injure himself most often, and this hindered PSG’s chances of winning the UEFA Champions league.

Now PSG is willing to sell their talisman for $100 million after Mbappe demanded that the club sacrifice Neymar as part of a deal to extend his contract last summer, and PSG seems to be inclined to handle the club’s difficult salary structure by letting the Brazilian leave.

Neymar is unhappy with the treatment he received. Image Source: twitter

Too many stars in the night sky caused meteors to fall, and Neymar is merely the most recent victim of it. PSG and Mbappe will plead that it did not reignite Neymar’s fire and backfire them due to the quality he possessed.

Neymar is the ultimate team leader for PSG and losing him for Mbappe and his high demand for orders could prove to be the most damaging action in the history of the club.

Whatever transpires, it will be fascinating and exciting for both parties, and we will keep you informed of every development. Stay in touch with SpotsZion for further transfer news.

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