Travis Kelce’s mom Donna regrets handling Taylor Swift’s question amid getting special treatment before Chiefs vs Eagles game

Travis Kelce’s mom Donna Kelce’s rise to fame is a compelling narrative in itself. Initially garnering public attention with her appearances at last year’s Super Bowl, her popularity has surged, particularly after being spotted alongside Taylor Swift at Travis Kelce’s games. Her innate charm and authentic support for her sons have earned her admiration within the NFL community and beyond.

She was also spotted at the movie premiere of Eras Tour which shows her support for the Taylor-Travis relationship. However, Donna faced a moment of regret for a comment she made about Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce’s mom feels bad about downplaying Taylor Swift’s experience

The Wall Street Journal recently covered a story on Travis Kelce, including his relationship with Taylor Swift, revealing insights into this relationship. While they covered many aspects of this relationship, one of the most prominent was Donna Kelce’s insights about this relationship. 

Travis shared that Donna regretted downplaying a question about Taylor Swift. Although the question or what she said wasn’t specified, it was most probably her comment about Taylor Swift that she made during her appearance on Today in early October.

She responded with “it was okay” to a question about watching the Sept. 24 Chiefs game with Taylor. Donna didn’t intend to downplay Taylor’s experience but wanted to avoid appearing overly excited. 

Travis Kelce
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Travis Kelce also called his mother after the interview to reassure her that she handled it well, preventing her from feeling bad.

Initially, Donna shared that she doesn’t want to talk about her son’s relationship as it has just started. But now that the couple has been dating for a few months Donna opened up about Travis’s romance, stating, “He’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time… God bless him, he shot for the stars!”

The relationship between Taylor Swift and Donna appears amicable, as they were seen together watching the Chiefs game on Oct. 12. Travis Kelce is also strengthening his bond with Swift’s parents.

Donna Kelce received VIP treatment with police escort

Travis Kelce’s mom received special treatment in Kansas City, including a police escort with four armed officers in a recent promotional event. 

Donna actively participated in the promotional event at Raising Cane’s, handling the register and drive-thru.

Security guards ensured Donna’s safe exit from the venue, emphasizing her popularity and the need for protection. Despite overwhelming attention, Donna navigated the scene with grace, cheerfulness, and no signs of nervousness.

Travis Kelce
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Donna was seen wearing a half-green, half-red custom-made t-shirt representing her allegiance to both her sons’ teams, Jason (Eagles) and Travis (Chiefs). The unique split shirt symbolizes Donna’s support for both Jason and Travis Kelce’s teams, adding a personal touch to the occasion. 

She has always been supportive of both his sons. She even wore such a jersey in the Super Bowl game in which both brothers faced each other. Donna Kelce’s ability to handle these situations with grace adds to her growing popularity.

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