Tyson Fury calls out Anthony Joshua, sends official contract for boxing bout at Wembley

Tyson Fury is anxiously trying to schedule a fight this summer. With 2023 almost halfway done and no actual contract signed, ‘The Gypsy King’ seems willing to fight even Anthony Joshua at this point! (Even though he disregarded the fight earlier)

Fury’s much-anticipated unification bout with Oleksandr Usyk failed to materialize following negotiation failures. But now, Fury is claiming to be ready to take on both Usyk and AJ

Initially, Tyson and Oleksandr couldn’t agree on financial terms. If another negotiation was to take place then both camps would probably have to wait till December, which they don’t seem willing to do.

Is Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua finally happening? 

The Gypsy King has previously said he was no longer willing to pursue AJ. After struggling to find an ideal opponent, however, the WBC heavyweight champion seemed to have altered his mind in his most recent Instagram post. 

“A few days ago I sent a draft contract to Anthony Joshua for a fight in September at Wembley. Come on AJ let’s give the world what they want to see. This time I’m not going to make a million videos and keep putting pressure on. The ball is now on your side.” Fury wrote.

Joshua, a two-time world champion, is rumored to face Deontay Wilder; however, AJ’s opinion on the Fury Fight proposition is still unknown. Even though the match has not yet been publicly announced, AJ’s bout with Bronze Bomber was expected to occur in Saudi Arabia in December.

If not AJ, who’s next for The Gypsy King?

Currently, there are numerous speculations about Tyson and other heavyweight fighters facing off, but Demsey McKean of Australia is one alternative that might actually happen.

Angelo Di Carlo, Demsey’s manager, has suggested that a Fury matchup might happen. The Australian added that there is a good chance the British side will advance and that his team is in contact with Fury’s team.

‘The Tower’ is without a doubt one of Australia’s best boxers right now. The heavyweight boxer has won 22 fights so far in his professional career and is currently unbeaten. So his manager has a reason to think McKean vs. Fury will be a thrilling match to watch.

Who do you think Tyson Fury will next face in the ring: Demsey McKean, Anthony Joshua, or Oleksandr Usyk? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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