Tyson Fury offers 60/40 purse split to Anthony Joshua for Wembley bout

Negotiations for the heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua in Wembley have advanced one step further.

There are now a lot of rumors about Tyson and other heavyweights fighting, but this time, according to reports from both boxers’ camps, discussions with Anthony Joshua appear to be moving along quickly. 

The most recent update of the Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight

George Warren, Fury’s promoter talked in detail about how they are proceeding with the fight offer. According to Frank Warren’s son everything is still at the initial stage but this time they are optimistic. 

“I put an email over to Eddie Hearn, made a formal offer. Same terms as for [last] December. Exactly the same deal. We’re ready to go.” George said. 

Last year Fury’s side also reached out with a deal that didn’t work out. Through Queensbury Promotions, George said this time they want to proceed the way Joshua’s side demanded the terms in 2022 which is a 60/40 purse split. 

“Tyson wants it to happen, so do we, and I hope they do too. It’s exactly the same deal, exactly the same terms. We’ve got enough time hopefully this time to get it done if they want to do  it.” George added.

The Gypsy King on facing AJ 

Fury was fairly adamant that he will never fight Joshua as a result of how last year’s fight discussions with Joshua’s side collapsed. ‘‘The Gypsy King’ is ready to take on even Anthony at this point, as Fury is frantically attempting to book a bout for this summer. 

However, the WBC heavyweight champion appeared to have changed his mind in his most recent Instagram post after struggling to get a suitable opponent. 

“A few days ago I sent a draft contract to Anthony Joshua for a fight in September at Wembley. Come on AJ let’s give the world what they want to see. The ball is now on your side.” Fury wrote.

Do you think this time the much-anticipated Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury heavyweight clash will finally take place in Wembley? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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