Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk undisputed heavyweight championship bout in jeopardy after Saudis refuse to pay “substantial amount of money”

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are scheduled to fight in a heavyweight bout on April 29, but things have taken an unexpected turn as Fury demanded far more from the Saudi Arabian organizers than they had originally anticipated.

According to recent information regarding the highly anticipated fight that was shared by Frank Smith of Matchroom Boxing, it is stated that Tyson Fury demanded a significant amount of additional money than was not anticipated, which is the reason why Saudi organizers are no longer interested in the fight anymore.

Frank also expressed his concerns about the fight taking place in a different venue, stating that the time period is very important at this juncture, and with only ten weeks remaining, it would be exceedingly tough to conclude everything, particularly the process of promoting the fight.

“I don’t personally see, and I might be wrong, and this isn’t me saying I don’t want it to happen; I just don’t see a fight of that magnitude; it’s a massive fight, undisputed heavyweight championship of the world has to be given the right build-up that it deserves for that type of fight. We don’t see it very often,” said Frank. 

Fury has a 33-0-1 record with 24 knockout victories, while Usyk’s undefeated 20-0 record with 13 knockout victories. During their most recent battles, Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua and Fury beat Derek Chisora. The Boxing World Cup is the title given to the upcoming bout between the heavyweight champions of the World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, and World Boxing Organization.

Since the speculation about a potential fight was first brought up, The Gypsy King and The Cat have been verbally sparring with one another ever since the topic was first brought up. These interactions served as the firewood that stoked the flames of tension between the two heavyweights.

Smith doesn’t see the fight happening in the next ten weeks and in his in opinion even if it does happen in Saudi, it will be very difficult to make it happen to get it up and running because of a show of this size, no one can’t really wait until much later.

“I think Usyk agreed to a fee for that fight [against Fury in Saudi Arabia]. I think Usyk and Bob Arum said he agreed to a fee for that fight. So it goes down to the Fury side to agree to what they wanted. You can imagine they asked for a substantial amount of money that didn’t make sense.” Smith further added. 

According to Smith, everything has a price that people are willing to go to and at this very last moment either Tyson goes for a negotiation or the fight venue will shift to the Wembley Stadium in London. 


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