Veteran NFL analyst reveals real reason behind little to no interest from team over Jets QB Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson was drafted by the New York Jets in 2021 but couldn’t successfully prove himself. The quarterback struggled to find consistency, and this offseason he will finally be parting ways with the Jets.

The next step for the young quarterback will be to find a new team to continue his NFL career, but an NFL analyst recently revealed why this process will be challenging for Wilson.

Pich Cimini reveals why teams do not want to sign Zach Wilson

Pich Cimini recently talked about Zach Wilson’s trade situation and explained that his salary is the factor that can become a problem. 

“Wilson has permission to speak to teams about a trade, but his salary (a guaranteed $5.5 million) is a deterrent, not to mention his checkered body of work,” Cimini reported.

Pich Cimini noted that the market for Wilson is dwindling, with the Kansas City Chiefs being the only team with an obvious need for a backup quarterback.

“He’s probably hoping for his release, so he can find a job with no strings attached. It’ll be interesting to see how long the Jets hold out hope for a trade.”

This limited market reduces the potential trade options for Wilson and decreases the likelihood of a trade.

Zach Wilson
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Zach Wilson’s contract presents challenges for potential acquiring teams, including a sizable $11.2 million cap hit for 2024 and a $22.4 million club option for 2025. Acquiring the young quarterback is seen as a risky move for teams due to his inconsistent performance and uncertain future potential. 

Although Aaron Rodgers approved his skills, his performance has not been promising and he has failed to meet expectations. Therefore, not a lot of teams are showing interest in signing the QB. But still, some teams are appearing as potential landing spots for the QB.

Best landing spots of Zach Wilson?

The Los Angeles Rams are one of the top potential landing spots for the QB. While the team’s QB, Matthew Stafford isn’t expected to retire, his injuries have been an issue in recent years. He missed two games in 2023 because of a thumb injury and suffered concussions and a spinal cord contusion in 2022. Considering these factors, the team could plan to strengthen their QB2 position by signing Zach Wilson. 

The second team that is emerging as one of the top potential landing spots for Wilson is the San Francisco 49ers. Kyle Shanahan always had a focus on improving the QB2 and QB3 positions. So, while the team has a talented starting QB, Brock Purdy, adding Zach will help strengthen the backup positions.

The third team that could be interested in signing Zach Wilson is the Denver Broncos. The team is expected to trade their QB Russell which would help them save a lot in cap space and give them flexibility to sign the young QB. 

Zach Wilson
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For now, these teams are appearing as the top potential landing spots for Zach Wilson. However, as Pich Cimini said signing the young QB can be a little risky for the teams and they might now show interest in signing him, so let’s see whether any of these teams will finalize a deal with Wilson or not.

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