Watch: Tom Brady provides clarity on rumors of unretiring after officially becoming free agent

The NFL legend, Tom Brady, announced his retirement ‘for good,’ appearing live on Instagram on February 1, which is the second time after he returned to continue his career last year.

His previous retirement decision was a disaster after his wife divorced him because he couldn’t spend enough time with the family. As much as it hurts, TB12 is finally done with his profession after 23 years of successful achievement.

Tom Brady

Since his announcement and his history of returns, the NFL community often asks the question of his rumored comeback. However, on several occasions, Brady said the same thing: he is “Not coming back.”

Recently, in a similar situation, Brady had to clarify his stance once again on the circulating speculation about his comeback.

What did Tom Brady say regarding his retirement?

After becoming a free agent officially, the 45-year-old appeared at a party in Tampa and faced the typical inquiry about his unretirement. He expressed his desire to stay retired and spend time with his family for as long as he possibly can.

“There is nothing I love more than football, but I have young children, and they watched enough of their dad’s games, and now it’s time for me to watch their games,” the seven-time Super Bowl winner said.

The man had already fixed his post-retirement plans. Previously, in December of last year, Tom signed a 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox Sports as a lead NFL commentator.

Furthermore, he started investing in a Netflix series called “The Greatest Roasts of All Time: GROAT” and already starred in a comedy film named “80 for Brady.”

In these 23 years, he won the Super Bowl MVP five times, the NFL Most Valuable Player three times, the Pro Bowl 15 times, the NFL passing touchdowns leader five times, the Offensive Player of the Year twice, and many more accolades.

His last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a sign of his retirement as they got knocked out from the wild card round and couldn’t show much prowess throughout the tournament.

As much as we like to see the GOAT play in prime time, we must welcome the inevitable. We at SportsZion wish Tom Brady a happy and healthy life ahead.

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