Watch: Travis Kelce’s hilarious Patrick Mahomes impression while talking to Jason Kelce about Super Bowl LVII

Before the Super Bowl LVII coin toss, the Kelce brothers’ mother, Donna Kelce, appeared with two hand-sized placards of his two sons, Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce, playing each other.

However, the younger brother, Travis, won the game and brought the Lombardi Trophy home for the second time. Because they had such an amazing moment together on February 12, the brothers revisited the memory and shared their feelings the following week.

In that podcast, Travis recreated his teammate Patrick Mahomes’ hilarious comment from that moment with their mother.

How did Travis Kelce mimic Patrick Mahomes?

In that podcast, the Kelce brothers mostly reminisce about their experience at the Super Bowl while their mother was on the field supporting both of them. “We were staring at each other,” Travis described the situation.

They didn’t realize it wasn’t on national television because they were both feeling awkward and reserved. However, the 33-year-old pointed out that the only thing they enjoyed was Patrick’s reaction to Donna. “Oh man, starting this thing off with Donna,” the two-time Super Bowl MVP said.

The most interesting part is when the tight end mimicked Mahomes in a cheeky, cartoon voice and made the podcast wholesome. Travis later revealed that part was the best in that segment at the Super Bowl. “Just like it made me feel better about this,” he concluded.

This wasn’t the first time the younger Kelce recreated the 27-year-old quarterback’s impression; previously, in October last year, he mimicked Mahomes in a squeaky Kermit the Frog voice.

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