What advice does Cristiano Ronaldo want to deliver to his younger self? Exploring ex-Real Madrid star’s powerful message

Cristiano Ronaldo had to work very hard from a young age to reach where he is today. Even though everything worked out in the end, the soccer superstar still has a piece of advice that he wants his younger self to learn.

CR7 is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of soccer. The Portuguese had a truly outstanding career, winning five Ballon d’Ors and five Champions League. He is the all-time top scorer in the sport and has played for the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

He is also his country’s greatest player having won them their first two international trophies. Currently, the highest-paid player in the sport, having signed for Saudi club Al Nassr in January.

Cristiano Ronaldo Le ballon d'or de l'évasion fiscale | L'Humanité

So many would think the Portuguese superstar would be content with how his career turned out. But Cristiano wishes there is one thing his younger self had learned to do.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s strong message

As the global ambassador for LiveScore, the 38 year old was part of an interview. There he spoke about how he adapted to his new club’s country and many other things.

At one point he was asked whether he had any advice to give to his younger self while still starting as a young talent at Sporting CP. In response, Cristiano had a strong and powerful message, “I would just say enjoy every minute.”

El antes y después de Cristiano en su cumpleaños 34

There is no doubt that Ronaldo worked very hard to get to where he is today. Having won all those trophies at the biggest level and with all those achievements, he may have not stopped to actually enjoy those moments.

It is known that Ronaldo never stopped training and was always working towards the next achievement. A famous example is when he won the 2008 UCL final, instead of celebrating his first UCL title, he went to train for the next step instead.

So maybe all Cristiano regrets is that he should have reveled in his achievements. That is why he wishes his younger self to do is to enjoy every moment.

What was the childhood of Cristiano Ronaldo like?

Cristiano Ronaldo was the youngest of four children, born in 1985. His mother Dolores Aveiro was a cleaner and a cook at the time and had considered aborting him. He grew up in poverty, often having to clean streets for little money.

He had a hard time at school and once threw a chair at a teacher in anger. Cristiano once recalled how he believed he would become an eventual fisherman in Madeira.


Cristiano’s father was a former army man and fought in two wars in Angola and Mozambique. He was unemployed most of the time and was also a drunk, something Ronaldo also regrets. He later worked as a kit man in a local club, CF Andorinha. This was Ronaldo’s first foray into any level of football, as he left his studies to concentrate on football at the age of 14.

The Portuguese legend also had a heart operation at 15, but this didn’t stop him from continuing his football dream.

He then played for Clube Desportivo Nacional in Madeira and had a big break in his career when he joined Sporting CP. Soon, he made his debut in 2002 and his superb performances there attracted Manchester United. And from then, the legendary CR7 we know was born.

There is no doubt Cristiano Ronaldo had a hard beginning in life, battling many issues. But his tale has a happy ending, having become one of the most famous and richest athletes in world football.

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