What cancer threatens Alex Smith’s daughter? Examining the 7-year-old health condition

Alex Smith, the former Pro Bowl quarterback, suffered a horrible leg injury during his career. He underwent 17 surgeries over nine months and after that, he returned to football, continued playing, and won the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year award in 2020.

Even that horrible incident didn’t prepare the former quarterback for what he’s facing right now. Alex’s 7-year-old daughter is suffering from a tumor. Recently, he opened up about his daughter’s illness sharing that he felt helpless amid his daughter’s battle.

What type of cancer does Alex Smith daughter have?

Sloane, the youngest daughter of Alex Smith, is suffering from a brain tumor. She was diagnosed in 2022 and underwent an emergency craniotomy in May. The doctors discovered a rare malignant tumor. 

She underwent a 10-hour procedure to get rid of the tumor, but the doctors weren’t able to remove the entire tumor.

Alex Smith

Smith shared that they later found out that there was still a piece left. 

“We found out last fall that essentially that they had missed a piece, that there was a little piece in there left over,” the former quarterback said.

Sloane has suffered two seizures and is continually getting scans. After watching her daughter suffer due to cancer, Smith took part in the Pan-Mass Challenge bicycle race to raise money for a cancer institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He raised more than $45,000 for the institute to help cancer patients. 

Elizabeth, the mother of Sloane, also shared about her daughter’s cancer journey. She posted videos of Sloane and wrote in the caption that how her daughter is bravely fighting against cancer.

“Over the past year, our daughter Sloane has been a little fighter. From 2 brain surgeries, therapies, countless MRI’s, blood draws, EEG’s, pokes, prods and a million doctors appointments. One thing we know is she continues to fight and never lets her light dim. She shines bright and doesn’t let anything hold her down.”

Alex Smith

Both Elizabeth and Smith are hopeful for their daughter’s speedy recovery who is still suffering from cancer.

Health update on Alex Smith daughter 

Recently Alex Smith talked about Sloane’s medical journey stating that he feels very helpless. 

“It’s different when it’s your little girl and you’re helpless with how terrifying that is,” Smith said. “The words brain tumor are terrifying.”

He described the 10-hour surgery that Sloane underwent as “the most excruciating time of our lives.”

“Sloane’s tumor is a very rare malignant tumor with very few documented cases,” the former quarterback said, adding she “has healed” from brain surgery.

He shared that she has bravely undergone brain surgery. “Sloane in her true form bounced back from brain surgery like a rockstar! She didn’t skip a beat.”

Even after the brain surgery, Sloane couldn’t get rid of tumor and is getting regular checkups and scans done. During this hard time, her father Alex Smith is volunteering for cancer patients by helping them financially. We hope Alex Smith’s little girl will win this battle against cancer and get well soon!

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