Prince Harry obliges fan request with 5-word message to Lionel Messi

Ever since signing for Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has been unstoppable in the Major League Soccer. He has been scoring goals like they were nothing and has improved the team overall. The team that couldn’t register any consecutive wins has now been unbeaten since Messi’s arrival.

Messi has already brought much attention to the already growing league, and he has interested many to watch him play. However, it is not just regular fans who are coming to watch him play, but even celebrities from various backgrounds. Being a football royalty, he has also attracted the attention of another individual from another royal family. 

Hollywood turned up to witness Messi magic

On Monday, Inter Miami faced the reigning MLS champions Los Angeles Football Club in their stadium. The game ended 3-1, with Messi having two assists to add to his growing record.

But aside from his performances, another highlight was the number of A-list celebrities that came to yesterday’s match. A great number of celebrities came to witness the game, including stars like Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, and Tyga among many others. Even Prince Harry was in attendance yesterday to watch Messi play.

Lionel Messi stuns Hollywood stars Selena Gomez, Prince Harry, and more;  Watch - Culture

Most celebrities do live in California which explains why the attendance was fully packed with such stardom. LAFC even released a list of all the supporters, with it getting much traction on social media. The list mentions some 38 celebrities who attended the match. The full list can be found in another article of ours.

The huge amount of celebrity star power shows the pull of Lionel Messi, even on the elite.

Prince Harry sends message to Lionel Messi

Prince Harry was a unique celebrity guest in attendance as he was the only one who came from a royal background.

After the game was over, a fan went up to Prince Harry from a distance and asked him to leave a message for Messi. The royal member then replied with his message, “Put it in the net”. It was a hilarious reply due to Messi not scoring that night. The whole interaction can be found below in a video shared by ESPN UK.

While Messi may not have scored that night, he has scored 11 goals and 5 assists since his arrival. He has clearly revolutionized the sport in the USA, and this has made him the face of the global sport. The Argentine has many more matches left, and we could see even more celebrities pull up to watch him. Maybe Prince Harry could witness him again, and this time see Messi actually ‘put it in the net’.

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