What happened between Mike Tyson and Don King? exploring boxing promoter’s $100million betrayal

It is hard to erase the name of the former heavyweight boxer from history who will be remembered for this dominance and ferocity inside the ring. At the age of 20, Mike Tyson won the heavyweight championship as the youngest fighter ever to do so.

The fighter knocked out everyone inside the ring, but couldn’t save him from getting stabbed in the back by someone very near and dear to him. So, let’s explore more about the issues between Tyson and King.

Mike Tyson once kicked Don King in the head, KO’d his bodyguard

The Baddest man on the planet once had a physical altercation with Don and at one point during the heated conversation, he hit him hard on the head. It was during that time when he found out about the boxing promoter’s cheating secrets behind his back.

The Day a Cocaine-Fueled Mike Tyson Kicked Promoter Don King in the Skull

In that same spot, when Don’s bodyguard rushed to them to inspect what was wrong, the boxing king didn’t even show any mercy to the guy and knocked him out with his ferocious punches.

Story behind Mike Tyson’s $100million lawsuit

Don King was a famous and powerful boxing promoter back in the 80s. His name can be associated with creating the brand of legendary fighters including Muhammed Ali, George Foreman, and Evander Holyfield.

When he met Mike Tyson, the young fighter’s unapologetic ring attitude and willingness to succeed instantly drew him closer to him. And Don expressed his desire to work with the fighter which Tyson accepted.

After working closely for many years, the heavyweight champion opened up about the stressful experience he went through with the promoter. He accused him of frauding.

The boxing legend even filed a case against him in 1998. The case closed down with Tyson winning $14 million from the settlement.

Time has changed and so it people’s tastes and preferences. But fans’ regard for Mike Tyson is as same as his fighting tenure.

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