When is PSG vs Al Nassr? All you need to know on Ronaldo vs Messi friendly match

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia is ready to set the stage on fire after PSG confirmed their match against Riyadh All Star XI at the King Fahd International Stadium which will eventually led to another classical Ronaldo Messi rivalry.

Cristiano Ronaldo called quit for Manchester United after mutually terminating his contract after the World Cup and joined Al Nassr on a record wage of almost $200 million per season but yet to play for the Arabian side.

The Portuguese sensation is forced to delay his debut following a two match suspension regarding an incident at the Goodison Park against the Merseyside blue, Everton.

What life gives someone should be clasped with open hands as for the Five Time Ballon D’or winner’s case, he will be making his debut in the Arab soil on what could be defined as the ultimate battle of royals when the local sides take on Messi’s PSG.

What is the time for the clash between PSG & Al Nassr?

The most anticipated match of this current season will be played on 8.00 PM local time, January 19. The match is named as “Beyond Imagination” symbolise the greatness of the event among the Arabians.

The match will kick off at 17.00 GMT on UK region.

USA civic will be watching the game live from 12.00 ET.

Ronaldo and Messi will taking down each other at 10.30 PM IST.

However, Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia football crazed have to wake up until 1.00 AM (local time), January 20.
The match will begin at 18.00 GMT in Spain.

After previously announced the venue, King Fahd stadium has a capacity of 70 thousand and the atmosphere is already vigorous as fans started coming from different parts of the country and continents, gathered for the face off between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Will Ronaldo play against PSG in Al Nassr?

There will be so many events going down the wire tonight, but nothing beats the feelings of watching Ronaldo and Messi competing for the same ball.

Ronaldo will be playing and already named captain of the combined XI formed by Al Nassr and Al Hilal.

However, following Rudi Garcia’s request, Ronaldo’s gametime could be cut short as a precaution after the Portuguese is absent from competetive football for long.

Ronaldo’s debut is delayed but the legendary figure will be aiming high and look to kick his new life at Al Nassr with a winning note.


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