Which QBs are Raiders targeting next? Exploring possibility ft. Tom Brady, Kirk Cousins

The Las Vegas Raiders are going to grapple with quarterback issues entering the 2024 season. It is expected that Jimmy Garoppolo will be released and Brian Hoyer is also reported to be cut.

Amid this chaotic situation, the team’s focus must be entirely on finding a new quarterback to thrive in the highly competitive upcoming NFL season. 

Potential QBs for the Raiders in NFL 2024-25 season

Last week, Antonio Pierce appeared on The Pivot Podcast and talked about the QB situation on the team. He emphasized that they are going to find a long-term solution this time.

“The wild card is the quarterback,” Pierce said. “What are we going to do? Well, we’ve got to put a plan together.”

The coach emphasized finding a new QB soon and claimed to find the best quarterback. 

“There are always quarterbacks (that) there are ways to get. Everybody has a price. There’s always a price. There’s always something that people are willing to do, like, ‘You’re giving me that, for this?’ You can create a little doubt there, a little interest as far as if they want to make that move.”

Now that the Raiders are adamant on signing a new QB and also have the 13th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, here are some of the potential QB options for the team.

Kirk Cousins is one of the most suitable options, considering he will soon hit the open market. However, if he chooses to leave the NFC North, then things might turn out differently. 

Another option the team has is Tom Brady. Although the seven-time Super Bowl champion is retired, there is always some possibility. He recently became the minority owner of the Raiders as well. If the team is successful in persuading him, they can hit a QB jackpot. 

Jayden Daniels from LSU also appears as a great option. However, it might be an expensive option for the team. He also has a good relationship with Antonio Pierce since their time together at Arizona State before he transferred to LSU. So, this might also become possible. 

Drake Maye from North Carolina is another suitable QB option for the Raiders. He has exceptional football prowess, which can lead to many teams trying to acquire him. But as Pierce stated, they might find a way to lure him into joining them.

So far, these are the most favorable potential quarterback options for the Raiders. The team will have to choose one who can compete with highly talented quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes in the 2024 season.

Raiders forfeit franchise QB in beat writer mock draft

Despite being aggressive about finding a new QB, the process might get very difficult for the Raiders. 

Given their draft position in the middle of Round 1, they may miss out on the top three quarterbacks in the draft class, with the possibility of even the fourth-ranked QB, J.J. McCarthy, being selected earlier.

The 32 beat writers at The Athletic recently did a mock draft and the Raiders missed out on a quarterback in Round 1 and settled for Texas DT Byron Murphy II with the 13th pick.

Jayden Daniels
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Vic Tafur and Tashan Reed shared their reason for picking this option, stating,

“We’re not going to lie to you and say this draft worked out just like we wanted it to, and that we got our guy. We like Murphy fine. He is the best interior pass rusher in the draft, and he is also good against the run. Pit-bull mentality, Gerald McCoy comp, yada, yada, yada. Great value at 13? Probably not.”

Despite being a talented player, Murphy doesn’t fulfill the team’s need for a QB. If the Raiders fail to trade up, they will not be picking a quarterback in round one.

The draft process is going to be challenging for the team and they will have to find a creative way to make the right choice.

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