Who is Woah Kenzy accusing Josh Jacobs of cheating on her with IG model? Investigating Raiders RB’s love life

The Raiders’ RB Josh Jacobs faced uncertainties regarding his contract with the team. The team announced last year that they wouldn’t extend the contract of the All-Pro RB, which led to speculations about his future with the team. Despite not getting a long-term extension, Jacobs still chose to stay with the team and signed a one-year deal with the Raiders worth $12 Million.

Although his professional career is going smoothly, the love life of Josh Jacobs is on the rocks after his ex-girlfriend, Woah Kenzy, revealed some intimate details about him.

Who is Woah Kenzy?

Woah Kenzy, the ex-girlfriend of Josh Jacobs, was born on October 5, 1997, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She gained fame through social media, specializing in Instagram since August 2019 and TikTok since December 2020. 

She is not only famous for dating the RB but she has also established her online presence. 

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She has over 2.3 million followers on her social media accounts. Apart from her online presence, she is an adult entertainer and entrepreneur, having collaborated on beauty products with House of Le Luxe. 

Kenzy also has an OnlyFans account and was previously linked to NBA superstar James Harden. But she officially dated RB Josh Jacobs and later the couple broke up. Now that the couple is no longer together, Kenzy has shared the details of an incident that led to their breakup.

Woah Kenzy accuses Josh Jacobs of cheating

Woah Kenzy has publicly accused Josh Jacobs, the star running back for the Raiders, of infidelity.

Kenzy’s accusations unfolded in a two-part TikTok series where she claimed Jacobs was dishonest during their relationship. She alleged Jacobs attempted to father a child with another girl while they were still a couple. 

She explained that their relationship faced a three-month break in communication. Despite challenges, Kenzy claimed that she and Josh Jacobs decided to formalize their relationship. Spending a significant part of the offseason together, they discussed the possibility of Kenzy moving in.

Suspicion arose after Kenzy’s birthday when she noticed changes in communication and Jacobs’ behavior.

“So everything was perfect until I had to leave after my birthday to go out of town to see my family. And that’s when the routine started changing. And that’s when the manipulation and the gaslighting started happening because I felt like something was going on.”

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During her trip, she started doubting the RB based on his unusual actions. 

“And I was told that I was crazy and doing too much. While I was gone for two or three days, the communication would start slipping up. I get calls in the car on the way to work instead of in the house like normal.”

Kenzy’s suspicions led her to cut a trip short and arrive unannounced at their shared residence. She discovered a random woman on their shared bed, seemingly unaware of Kenzy’s existence.

“So I walked around to the side door, and that was unlocked. I walk in, I don’t see anything in the living room. I don’t see anything in the kitchen. I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe I’m just crazy.’ Yeah, I wish I could say that was the case. But I walked into the bedroom and saw a random girl, never seen her before, laying on the bed.”

Woah Kenzy expressed her shock at the situation, acknowledging the challenges of dating an athlete but emphasizing the unexpected nature of finding another girl in their shared home.

Blasian the Goddess is an Instagram model identified as the other woman in question. Apart from being present at Jacobs’ games, she is reportedly still involved in a relationship with the All-Pro running back.

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