Who’s Bucks’ new signee Meyers Leonard made antisemitic slur on twitch live stream?

The Milwaukee Bucks have announced the signing of a 30-year old Meyers Leonard on a 10 day contract. And in case you are wondering if this could be the same guy who uttered an Anti-Semitic slur on Twitch, then you are absolutely spot on.

Meyers Leonard is returning to the NBA 2 years after the notorious incident that got him suspended indefinitely from the league. The player was fined a total of $50,000 for the remark and hasn’t appeared in the NBA since January 2021.


Who is Buck’s new signee Meyers Leonard?

So who exactly is this Meyers Leonard? The 7-foot center had come a long way from the small town in southeast Illinois. Born in Woodbridge, Virginia, Meyers Leonard played college basketball for the University of Illinois before being selected by the Portland Trail Blazers.

After seven seasons with the Trail Blazers, Meyers joined the Miami Heat in 2019, reaching the NBA Finals the following year. Back in 2020, the American center made the national headlines when he opted to stand for the anthem while his teammates knelt in protest to racism.

Meyers Leonard Contact Details

Being out of trade for almost 2 years now, Meyers Leonard has signed a 10-day contact with the Milwaukee Bucks. Further details of his contract are yet to be disclosed but his previous terms with the Miami Heat saw Leonard earning an average of $9,400,000 per annum.

Considering his prolonged lapse and the entire anti-Semitism controversy, needless to say it will be a while until Meyers is offered a long-term contract.

Why’s Meyers Leonard out of the Legaue?

So what exactly had transpired on the twitch livestream that saw Leonard being banned from the NBA? During a “Call of Duty” live broadcast in March 2021, Leonard uttered an offensive anti-Semitic slur that held derogatory implications for the Jewish community.

This action that resulted in his indefinite suspension from the League and eventually his release from the Miami Heat, was heavily criticized among enthusiasts of the sport.

What anti-Semitic slur Meyers Leonard made on Twitch?

As mentioned earlier, it was during a Twitch broadcast of the popular video game “Call of Duty” when Leonard yelled at another player, “F-king coward. You f-king k-ke b-ch. Don’t f-king snipe me”.

For clarification, “K-ke” is an anti-Semitic term that has mortifying implications for the Jewish community. Such insensitive remarks made by a professional athlete is beyond the sphere of general code of conduct and hence came Leonard’s suspension.

What compensation did Meyers Leonard have to pay?

Meyers took to Instagram and immediately apologized after the clip went viral stating he wasn’t aware of the expression’s meaning and origin.

Whether he was speaking in earnest or not, Leonard was fined a huge $50,000 compensation for his unjust remark and has been out of trade ever since.

Now that Milwaukee Bucks has given Meyers Leonard a shot to mark his return at the NBA, it remains to be seen if the 7-foot center can truly leave behind the shadows of the past and outshine himself. Are you excited to watch Leonard dominate the court once more? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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