Why NFL team visit White house after winning Super bowl? exploring the origins of the prestigious occasion

Americans have always been over-enthusiastic about sports, especially football. And it is their solid bond and craze for the sport which initiated the establishment of the NFL. Every year the hype surrounding the Super Bowl gets bigger and common people count days to dig time out of their busy schedule to vote for their favorite team.

Let’s move forward to learn why the Super Bowl winner pay a visit to the White House.

Why White House invite Super Bowl winner to visit the White House?

NFL has evolved as the flag bearer of the United States of America where each 32 teams talks about a different aspect of the country’s culture and heritage.

Each American feels a connection with the league in one way or another. Moreover, NFL now seems to be a symbol of unity and brotherhood among citizens of various states and various races.

So, at the end of the day, it is the league’s unique underlying concept that has taken it to the podium of the White House. And by honoring the winning team, active presidents encourage their motto to hold onto.

Besides, the American presidents themselves made headlines every now and then for supporting their favorite team and players from the NFL. For example, former US President Donald Trump was a crazy fan of Tom Brady and frequently made headlines for his admiration for him.

Who was the first Super Bowl team to visit the White House?

The Pittsburgh Steelers were the first Super Bowl winner to visit the White House on an official visit. They went to meet President Carter in 1980.

However, besides NFL, NBA’s Champion teams are also invited by the White House to pay their visit.

It is of course a matter of pride for the Super Bowl winner to get an invitation from the White House and share their feelings standing next to the president of America. What is your opinion on the NFL team’s visit to WH? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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