NBC pulls the plug on “Young Rock” following SmackDown dominance on Friday nights

In a shocking turn of events, NBC has delivered a knockout blow to the hit series “Young Rock” as they send it crashing to the mat with a three-count.

Fans are in shock and seeking explanations after the decision to discontinue the show following its disappointing third season.

Young Rock

NBC CANCELS “Young Rock” following lacklustre 3rd season

When NBC unveiled its Fall lineup last month, fans were on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to see if “Young Rock” would make the cut. But, it was nowhere to be discovered, giving fans the impression that they had been taken by surprise. “Young Rock” was like a high-flying daredevil, capturing the early years of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life and his entanglement with the world of wrestling.

It was a wild ride that showcased the pivotal role his mother Ata Johnson and his late father “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson played in shaping his future. The last season focused heavily on The Rock’s fiery beginnings in WWE and his explosive journey during the Attitude Era.

But in the squared circle of television, it’s all about survival. And “Young Rock” couldn’t withstand the fierce onslaught from SmackDown. The wrestling behemoth flexed its muscles, leaving “Young Rock” pinned to the mat, struggling for relevance and fighting to keep its viewership intact.

Why the abrupt axing of the show?

The ratings tell a tale of its own, my friends. The first season came out swinging with over 3 million viewers and a strong 0.62 demo rating. The show suffered a setback and dropped to 2.23 million viewers and a 0.39 demo rating in the second round, which was a misstep.

But the third season dealt the show its fatal blow when it was forced to compete on Friday nights against the formidable SmackDown. With only 1.4 million viewers on average and a dismal 0.25 rating, “Young Rock” found it difficult to maintain its position.

Although this news may come as a body blow to the show’s viewers, they can find comfort in the knowledge that “Young Rock” had its moment in the spotlight. It delivered a suplex of entertainment, offering a unique and insightful glimpse into the life of one of the industry’s most electrifying stars.

As the referee raises SmackDown’s hand in victory, we bid farewell to “Young Rock,” knowing that its legacy will forever remain in the hearts of fans and the archives of wrestling lore.


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