Wild brawl involving fans wearing Tom Brady, Steph Curry jerseys steals spotlight at NBA match

As bizarre as it sounds, the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings saw a peculiar partnership between Steph Curry and Tom Brady at Chase Center last night.

The Warriors have made a miraculous comeback to equalize the playoff score at 2-2 after last night’s nail-biting, dramatic win. The NBA world has seen one of the most closely contested postseason games this year, as the Warriors won by a minimum margin. As usual, the fans went bonkers at the outcome.

However, as the nerves tightened and the result was so palpable, the fans at Chase Center got involved in a brawl, and two fans caught the eye the most.

Chase Center

What happened at Chase Center?

Like every other time, a bunch of fiery comments and slang were thrown around that instigated the brawl. Three Warriors fans were seen taking the first charge on rival fans at one moment.

Interestingly, one of them was wearing a Tom Brady jersey in the Warriors game, while another one was wearing a Stephanie Curry vest and leading a group of violent people. At one moment, the guy in Brady Jersey got an artistic right hook from a Kings fan, and the temperature had risen.

On the other hand, the Curry fan sent another rival fan over the stairs in the courtside area and leveled the score in the brawl. The two parties seemed to have gone back and forth for quite sometime before the security camera kicked them out of the premises.

No matter what drama the reigning MVP created on the court to clinch the victory, his fan formed an unimaginable partnership with the NFL legend’s fans. This is the closest we can get to seeing these two superstars sharing the same podium at the same time.

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