Bengals secure QB Joe Burrow’s future with fifth-year option setting him to earn around $30 million for NFL 2024 season

There were a handful of rumors regarding Joe Burrow and his contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals due to a corkscrew policy by both parties during the negotiation.

It was assumed that Joe was eyeing being the highest-paid quarterback in the extension deal, but the Bengals executives were extra cautious regarding the issue as they didn’t slip any details to the reporters. But in the end, all the curtains were pulled down over the drama, as there had been an official announcement.

Yesterday, the Bengals secured their star quarterback with a fifth-year option, which was signed in the rookie contract for 2020.

Joe Burrow

How much will Joe Burrow earn from the deal?

The 26-year-old signed a $36.1 million, four-year rookie contract after being picked as the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft. In those three years, he established himself as an irreplaceable player, becoming one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

As the fourth year approaches, the Bengals have gotten into extension negotiations with the Heisman Trophy winner, but they activated the fifth-year clause to secure his future at Cincinnati. It will make the franchise able to hold him for the 2024–25 season, where he will earn $30 million.

The Comeback Player of the Year was a reliable figure from the very first season for the Bengals, even though the rookie year didn’t go as planned due to injury. but he turned it around the next season and led his team to reach the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams.

His fairytale continued last season too; the Bengals reached the championship level but eventually got knocked out by the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. In the midst of heartbreaking seasons, Burrow became the heart of the Bengals’ team.

The completion percentage leader scored 82 touchdowns and 11,774 yards in passing, with the NFL’s best 68.2% passing completion percentage in three years. While the athlete is secured for two more years, the Bengals can finally go back to the negotiation table for the long-awaited extension deal.

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