“Your guys are f**ked up” Mike Tyson’s shocking remarks on Kanye West controversy sends fans into frenzy

American former professional boxer Mike Tyson recently revealed his shocking remarks on controversial rapper Kanya West who has been the subject of almost every podcast in the United States since his highly controversial anti-semitic Twitter post. 

Kanye West has faced blowback for anti-Semitic remarks he made in recent weeks. As a consequence, Adidas is the latest brand to cut relations with Mr. West, who changed his name to Ye last year. Adidas stated to the news that the company does not accept anti-semitism or other forms of hate speech. As per Forbes, the transaction was valued at $1.5 billion. The consequences did not stop there as other businesses have also discontinued their relationships with the artist due to his erratic behavior and comments.

On October 9, Mr. West sent out a tweet that sparked outrage. The rapper did not retract the message, which was deleted by Twitter.

“I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” in an apparent reference to the DEFCON military readiness code used by the United States.

Mr. West, a Black artist and ex-husband of Kim Kardashian of Kim known as Ye, also sparked outrage by wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt during Paris Fashion Week, a blatant misuse of the term “Black Lives Matter.”

‘Baddest Man on the Planet,’ Mike Tyson recently made him part of the discussion during his appearance on a show with the renowned TV personality Steelo Brim. Tyson recently brought him (Kanye West) up during an interview with famous TV personality Steelo Brim, where he expressed an extremely sophisticated thought that He believes that the more money one has, the kinder he is.

There may be more in common between music producer Kanye West and boxing icon Mike Tyson which portrays them both having enormous egos. But given that they have excelled in recording levels in each of their various disciplines, a significant portion of their success can be attributed to this.


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