Bayern Munich rumored to capitalize on Man Utd’s failure to lock down Mason Mount deal with Chelsea

Bayern Munich, the powerhouse of the soccer world are back to loot players from others’ cabins, now they are targeting Chelsea’s Mason Mount. After having an awful season at Stamford Bridge blues are ready to part their ways off with the player if a satisfying offer comes to them.

Man United planned to sign him but Bundesliga Champions are ready with other plans.

Bayern love to hijack players from others and to muddle the sleep of clubs. German giants continue to do so by trying to take over English youngsters away from Old Trafford.  

Mason Mount to Man Utd cancelled?

Eric Ten Hag’s squad targeting a midfielder after booking their place in the Champions League next season. United jumped into the market to add some new talents to their squad. 

They targeted Chelsea’s Mason Mount. The club set a price tag of at least 60 million euro on their 24-year sensation. Man United held a deep conference with the Blues for the midfielder who has only a year left on his contract. 

United’s last bid for Mount was 55 million euro. However, this bid was rejected by Chelsea as they stand to stick to their demand of 60 million or more for the star. Man United think that the set price tag for the player is excessive and they will not going to offer that much for him.

Later another conference was held between the English giants and the United are in hesitation whether to take their step back or need to have more negations for the English international.  

Now Red Devils are looking for other options in the market and looking to accomplish their target as swiftly as feasible. 

As soon as the news spread into the market German Leviathan’s are set to bring the player to Allianz Arena.

Mount to jump ship to Bayern Munich?

The looters are ready with their ship to creep over the English youngster. Bayern Munich the merchant of world soccer always moves their eagle’s eyes to apprehend others’ property. 

The six-time UEFA Champions League winners look to capitalize on the brawl of United and to hijack Mount under their nose.

Mason Mount

A few days ago United were in pole position to take Mount to Old Trafford but due to disagreement between the two parties, the deal is not likely to happen. Three bids from United are cancelled out by Chelsea.

Now, Bundesliga Champions are looking to take this lucrative opportunity. The current coach of Bayern Munich is Thomas Tuchel and the German boss is always in great praise of Mount.

During his time in Chelsea, Mount and Tuchel help the club to reach Champions League glory. If the English midfielder joins Bayern this term then, next season they will get a chance to repeat the majesty.

The player had a memorable time with Thomas Tuchel and will look forward to getting his form back under him.

Although no confirmed news has come yet about how much and when will Bayern provide their first bid for Mount. Mason Mount clear his intention not to sign a new contract at Stamford Bridge.

Will Mason Mount join United or Munich, or he will stay at Chelsea to help to revoke their legacy? pass your opinions and views to us in the below comment box.   


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