Boxing Legend Andre Ward shares his enthusiasm for Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz Mega bout

Nate Diaz is fully prepared to face Jake Paul inside the boxing ring on August 6th, 2023. Unquestionably, their bout has sparked great interest in both the MMA and boxing worlds. However, doubts have emerged regarding how the Stockton native will perform against ‘The Problem Child’.

Following Dustin Poirier’s statement that the fight would be challenging, Andre Ward expresses a similar belief. During a recent episode of ‘The MMA Hour‘ with Ariel Helwani, Ward reveals that Diaz would present a formidable challenge to Paul if he can withstand the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s powerful right hand.

“Son of God” believes Diaz’s relentless approach can be deciding factor

Andre further explains that Diaz is one of those fighters who relentlessly press forward, disregarding the aesthetics of their strikes. Undoubtedly, the mixed martial artist asserts that the fight will be a thrilling one.

In a recent conversation with Helwani, ‘Son of God’ shares his perspective on the upcoming Nate vs. Paul bout. He asserts that it will indeed be an exciting contest due to Diaz’s relentless attack.

Jake Paul

He also emphasizes that people should not judge Nate solely based on his training sessions with mitts, as the fighter possesses many other skills and attributes.

Ward said, “It’s gonna be a good fight. You know, people, people look at the, that mitts session that Nate had and they just, they just misread the play, man. Those type of shots, like they don’t look pretty but they keep coming. They keep coming, different angles.”

Ward looking forward to a good match despite Jake Paul advantage

Additionally, he stated that Diaz possesses a slightly greater level of experience compared to ‘The Problem Child’.

Nate Diaz

He said, “And you know, he’s had, you know, he’s got some miles on him. He’s been around a long time. So, you know, I’m gonna, he’s got to show that he can take the shot from Jake Paul, because Jake has the natural right hand. It’s got power on it. So, if he can take that right hand from Jake Paul, it’s gonna be a tougher fight than people realize, man, because Nate’s gonna keep coming.”

In a previous interview with the renowned MMA journalist, Poirier also emphasized the challenging nature of the fight for both competitors. He expressed the view that while Paul may possess speed and youth on his side, Diaz is a seasoned veteran in the sport.

Furthermore, Poirier acknowledged that Nate’s boxing skills were sufficient for the realm of mixed martial arts. However, he suggested that the dynamics could be different when it comes to the boxing ring.

Nonetheless, ‘Diamond’ conveyed his excitement for the matchup and confirmed that he would definitely tune in to watch it. 

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