Caleb Plant once brutally smacked Jermall Charlo backstage at Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford weigh-in

The legendary fight between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford took place on July 29th, but two other fighters were involved in a backstage incident the day before at the weigh-ins. This had been building up since 2022 when Charlo called Plant a ‘stepping stone’. There was beef on and off after that but this was their first direct confrontation. 

In terms of their boxing career, Jermall Charlo is currently the WBC middleweight Champion of the world whereas Caleb Plant is the former IBF Super middleweight champion of the World. 

When Caleb Plant brutally smacked Jermall Charlo

In a video clip that has received a lot of attention online, Charlo, 33, and Plant, 31, appeared to get into a fight as Plant approached Charlo in a backstage area. It can be seen that Caleb Plant is punching Jermall Charlo with an open palm, creating a loud boom that reverberated throughout the backstage. The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas almost saw a significant altercation before the major one as a result of this behavior. Then, the footage catches the audible and visual split second when Plant delivered a vicious left hook slap to Charlo. The two boxers were quickly separated amid the uproar, with yells and gasps echoing across the hallway, and Plant was led away first.

It was apparent that someone threw something at Plant during this scene, but it just missed him. “Boy, please refrain from grabbing my face like that ever again”, Plant said in a fit of rage. 

Caleb Plant gives exclusive insights on his altercation with Jermall Charlo

Recently, Caleb Plant talked about the situation involving Jermall Charlo during the weigh-ins for the boxing contest between Spence and Crawford. 

Following their argument on social media the previous year, tensions between Plant and Charlo had risen. ‘Sweethands’ Plant responded by challenging Charlo to a battle before the end of 2022 after Charlo had called him a “stepping stone” to more illustrious opponents. This match, however, was never successful.

Recently, Caleb Plant used Instagram Live to explain his recent behaviour. The former IBF super middleweight champion said that Charlo started the fight by constantly entering his personal space and touching his face. After repeatedly being asked not to do that, Caleb took matters into his own hands and did what was required according to him. Plant further stated:

You know, grown man touch another grown man in his face, pulling on his beard real hard… I’ve got the decency to tell you not to do that again, and I don’t smash on you right there… You immediately grab my face again even harder, after I asked you not to do that no more….I got my wife standing right behind me, and I’m in a room full of my peers. I mean, what do you do?”