Charger’s Nasir Adderley retires at 25: what drove him to leave NFL after only 4 seasons

Nasir Adderley, the quarterback of Charges, came out with a shocking retirement announcement. This came as a high-voltage shock from the blue to his fans and the entire NFL world.

This veteran was selected by the NFL as the 60th overall choice in the 2019 draft out of Delaware and amassed 62 tackles and two interceptions in his 16 games this past season; in 15 of those games, he got the start. Safety Nasir has worn the Chargers uniform for the entire four years.

What let Nasir Adderley retire after only 4 seasons?

The NFL is home to some of the best football players in the world, and every player there makes every effort they can to succeed in a competition that typically puts a lot of mental as well as physical pressure on players. Nasir stated that joining the Charges organization let him and other players fulfill a dream of theirs of playing in the NFL.

He continued, “With that being said, it has been a dream come true to play in the NFL and have the opportunity to play for the Chargers organization.”

In his opinion, the player he could be had only just begun to be explored. However, despite being only 25 and playing in only four seasons, he already feels a great deal of pressure from playing in the NFL, and could not make himself put up with it. Nasir’s top-tier importance is his mental health and he would not put any work before it.

So the athlete went on to say in his statement, “I believe I have yet to scratch the surface of the player I could be, but if it’s at the expense of my peace of mind then it’s no longer for me.”

Few athletes can devote time to their families while pursuing careers they once have to regret. This athlete aspires to differentiate himself from those who put their career first. In addition, Nasir expressed his aspiration to become a free individual and indicated to be engaged in his own business — a lifestyle he hopes will allow him to find his real peace.

Adderley wrote in a statement posted to Instagram, “Over the past couple of years, I have denied this realization, but I’m finally going to put myself first for once.”

After only four seasons and fifty games with the chargers, Adderley decided to end his career just the day after his rookie contract had expired. Despite their dismay at the news, his fans continue to wish this safety for his upcoming days.

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