Chris Eubank Jr. viciously criticizes Conor Benn, claiming ‘juice’ harmed his ‘mental’ health following brutal KO triumph

Chris Eubanks Jr. and Liam Smith shared the boxing ring earlier this year in January 2023 where the latter emerged victorious in the bout. Eubank Jr. had never previously been stopped and was thought to have an ‘Iron Chin’ like his legendary father.

However the tables turned yesterday when Chris knocked out Liam Smith in the 10 round and avenged his defeat in the first fight. Needless to say, he didn’t forget to take a dig at someone else who feels there’s unfinished business on the ring.

Chris Eubank Jr. Trolls Conor Benn after his stunning win

Chris Eubank Jr. came out with a vengeance and put Smith down in the tenth round with a ferocious uppercut and this time he certainly did capitalize, as shortly after the referee stepped in to wave off the fight.

Conor Benn tested positive for a banned substance in October of 2022, and his slated fight against Eubank was called off just three days before showtime. Benn reacted to Eubank knocking Smith out “It didn’t look great. Smith made him look good. I’m not really impressed. Eubank, let’s get it on. It’s unfinished business there. We can do it next. I’ll come up to 160lbs, no problem. It’s curtains within four rounds.” Benn said.

Eubank caught wind of Benn’s reaction and used the opportunity to hit Benn below the belt and was very quirky with his response “I don’t know, man. Maybe the juice is still affecting his mental.” said Eubank.

Was Liam Smith injured during a boxing bout vs Chris Eubank Jr.?

There were some suggestions that Liam Smith may have suffered an injury mid-fight that affected him.

“Something isn’t right with Liam’s left leg and it’s clear as day! I don’t know what it is but his left leg or ankle is in a bad way.” Former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew tweeted.

“He won’t make excuses Liam as it’s not his way but anyone who knows boxing or knows him knows that something was clearly up from round 2 onwards! Credit to Chris Eubank for getting back in there with him but for me that wasn’t the Liam Smith we all know!”, he added.

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the rematch between Chris Eubank Jr. and Liam Smith. And sure do share your take on whether Chris Eubank Jr. will ever fight Conor Benn.

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