Conor Benn vows to finish Chris Eubank Jr. “within four rounds”, providing his analysis of bout vs Liam Smith

Conor Benn tested positive for a banned substance in October 2022, and his slated fight against Chris Eubank Jr. was called off just three days before the showdown. Since then, the two fighters have been exchanging words on social media.

Benn’s suspension, imposed for failing two drug tests in the buildup to his canceled fight with Chris Eubank Jr., was lifted in June 2023. UK Anti-Doping confirmed the news, which was first revealed by Benn and his promoters at Matchroom Boxing on Friday afternoon

Conor Benn talks on potential bout vs Chris Eubank Jr.

Conor was then questioned as to whether he could fight Eubank before the end of the year and he responded, “100 per cent.”

“We can do that next, no problem. If the public want it then I’ll come up to 160lbs no problem, 147lbs, 154lbs, 160lbs, no problem, I’ll come up.” said Benn on his potential bout with Chris Eubanks jr. 

“Smith made him look good. What, it takes you ten rounds to dispatch of someone who’s got a broken leg? I’m not really impressed. Eubank, let’s get it on, there’s unfinished business there… We can do it next. I’ll come up to 160lbs, no problem. It’s curtains within four rounds.” Conor added.

Conor Benn sheds light on Chris Eubank Jr. vs Liam Smith

Benn expressed his opinion on the bout between Chris Eubank Jr. and Liam Smith, and he was not at all impressed with Chris Eubank Jr. The British boxer said that he was not impressed by Eubank Jr.’s display of skills. According to him, Liam Smith made Chris look tough, as Smith was allegedly fighting with an injured leg. 

Conor took to twitter and did not hold back any punches as he expressed his opinion saying, “Not impressed…’s curtains in four rounds if you fight me at 160 lbs.”

Chris Eubanks was quick and quirky enough with his response to the statement by Benn, as he replied, “I don’t know, man. Maybe the juice is still affecting his mental.” referring to Benn getting suspended after failing the drug test once again. 

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