Cristiano Ronaldo rejects girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez request to buy luxury gift: “I’m not going to buy it for you”

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly rejected his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez‘s request to purchase a luxury gift for her. According to Georgina, Ronaldo’s response was a firm “I’m not going to buy it for you.”

It has been six years since the couple came together. They are parenting five children altogether, with Georgina being the mother of two of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In a recent interview with El Hormiguero, the Argentine model recalled an incident in which her boyfriend refused to comply with her request.

“I asked for the same one [bag] I have but bigger. He told me, ‘I refuse. I’m not going to buy it for you’. I tell him, ‘Well, I’ll buy it myself,'” said Georgina. The report further states the reason behind Cristiano’s denial was that he believed his girlfriend already had too many bags.

 In her successful Netflix show called “I Am Georgina,” Georgina revealed that she already owns around 150 luxury bags.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo “annoyed” with Georgina

New speculations have arisen saying that Cristiano Ronaldo is not quite content with his model girlfriend’s attitude. According to a report by El Futbolero, Ronaldo believes that Georgina is becoming very self-centered, and he is quite annoyed by this change of attitude.

Following the loss of a child, Georgina has settled well with Cristiano in Saudi Arabia, where he is playing right now for Al-Nassr. She is continuing to live her lavish lifestyle there despite the strict conditions of the country.

Many fans were left wondering what could have prompted the athlete’s unexpected refusal to indulge his partner. Despite the allure of the luxurious present, Ronaldo stood his ground and refused to cave to his girlfriend’s wishes. Those close to the couple have praised Ronaldo’s stance, calling it a testament to his maturity and level-headedness.

There have been rumblings that Ronaldo and Georgina’s relationship has hit a rough patch as of late, and those rumors have been the subject of some speculation. This incident could be a potent testament to the rumored claims. 

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