Fans smell conspiracy as Antony makes text exchange with Ingrid Lana public

Manchester United forward Antony is not having the best of times right now. Facing domestic abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin, the player is facing ongoing investigations from the authorities. Furthermore, as a result of these allegations, both the Brazil national team and Manchester United have suspended him until he gets cleared of the charges.

Later, two other women also came out with similar allegations against the player. But the player himself has not backed down as he came to defend himself on social media.

Antony shares snippet of texts with Ingrid Lana

The third woman to accuse Antony of abuse was a banker named Ingrid Lana who spoke about it with Brazilian media outlet RecordTV. She claimed that the Brazilian forward “pushed me against the wall, and I hit my head” after she refused to kiss him. It reportedly happened in October 2022 in Antony’s house in Manchester.

However, Antony quickly pushed back the allegation, claiming that there was a single meeting that was consensual for both sides. He posted some screenshots in his Instagram stories of the pair’s alleged WhatsApp conversations. Below a Twitter post of the full leaked conversation along with translated texts can be found.

He later gave an interview to clear up the situation saying, “I talked to Ingrid on WhatsApp. When she went to Portugal to attend her cousin’s birthday, she asked to come here to Manchester to meet me, with a clear intention of meeting me intimately, including asking me if I preferred red or white lingerie.”

“‘I bought a ticket and booked a hotel for her. In fact, I met her at the mentioned hotel and we had an intimate and consensual encounter. Although she insisted that we meet again for another intimate encounter, due to scheduling issues I was unable to see her again, as she returned to Brazil.”

He also claimed that he had more proof of the WhatsApp conversations, but would withhold them to protect their privacy. Furthermore, he added that he will try his best to cooperate with authorities to clear up the situation soon.

Fans claim conspiracy against Manchester United winger

Fans on social media were quick to comment on the situation following the screenshots being posted. Many fans shared their opinion that something was amiss about the situation, and believed the player was being bombarded by false accusations.

One fan wrote, “I feel this is a conspiracy plan against Antony, well just pray he us innocent.”

Another wrote that it was time for women to be held accountable for their false accusations, saying, “Looks like a scorned woman being rejected again is out here screaming rape & domestic assault “If” Antony comes out as being the victim then I think it’s time women get jailed for defamation & false accusations.”

Another fan praised the player for defending himself before the case could get any worse, “It’s good he is trying to defend himself on social media before people judge him wrongly.”

Currently, the case is being worked on by police in both Brazil and Manchester. It remains to be seen what these allegations eventually come to.

Do you think Antony is guilty of these allegations or is he being framed? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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