Floyd Mayweather outlines unique solution for Terence Crawford and David Benavidez to claim Canelo Alvarez bout

Anthony David Benevidez and Terence Crawford have both previously expressed their want to face Canelo Alvarez, whereas Alvarez was expected to face either Jaime Munguia or Jermall Charlo, on May 5th, in Las Vegas. Benevidez previously alleged that Alvarez doen’t want to fight having received no responses from Canelo’s team despite contacting them over some time.

Benevidez had, in the meantime, decided to move weight classes to the 175lbs division, whereas Crawford has mentioned how he has ‘doors open’ if a shot against Alvarez is offered. Floyd Mayweather on the other hand has suggested unique solutions to the problem.

Floyd Mayweather suggests Terence Crawford and David Benavidez to fight

Mayweather recently mentioned in an interview with Ben Thompson, owner of FightHype, that he wants Terence Crawford and David Benavidez to fight each other, considering that none of them are being given the opponent that they want.

According to Mayweather, moving from 168lbs to 175lbs makes sense for Crawford to fight Benavidez. This has harbored a lot of criticism towards Mayweather, as fight fans mentioned how Floyd would never take that risk but would suggest it to other boxers in the name of ‘show biz’.

“If y’all can’t get that fighter, then y’all should say ‘f*** it we’ll fight each other,” said Mayweather, suggesting that there is ‘easy’ solution to the fact that Canelo seems to be silent about his matchups.

David Benavidez and Canelo Alvarez situation explored

David Benavidez first called out Canelo Alvarez after his win against Caleb Plant in March of 2023, and has been constantly expressing his will to want to face Canelo. However, Canelo denied the credibility of the matchup after acknowledging Benavidez’s skillset but arguing how he is better.

Things further got interesting when Micheal Benson confirmed the Canelo will be compelled to face Benavidez in March according to the WBC Chairman Mauricio Sulaimán.

To boxing fans, this was an eventful news, as David Benavidez vs Canelo Alvarez seems to be the logical matchup considering the records of both.

However, this was shut down quickly as Canelo announced the termination of his three-fight agreement with PBC after having fought only one bout. Canelo did not agree with a plan that PBC presented to him after being in disagreement with him since the fight against Jermell Charlo, and hence he decided to leave.

However, it is speculated by boxing fans that Canelo simply wanted to avoid the David Benavidez fight. It is assumed that Canelo ducked the fight as he wants to be the representative boxer from his home country of Mexico, which also happens to be Benavidez’s home country, and does not want to risk his status and trade it with Benavidez.

Alvarez is now a free agent and is potentially headed back to Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn to fight on May 4 (Cinco de Mayo weekend) in Las Vegas.

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