Former Barcelona player Patrick Kluivert caught celebrating with Gerard Pique’s ex-girlfriend Shakira on release of her new song

Shakira and her new single BZRP Music Sessions #53 have been the talk of the town for a few days after the collaboration with Bizzarap was dropped on January 12 and the Colombian singer shot shots at Gerard Pique following the end of their 11-year relationship.

Bizzarap is an Argentine rapper with a track record of success, but his most recent collaboration with Shakira has propelled him to the forefront, with the song surpassing 152 million views on social media in just four days.

Shakira threw a celebration party to commemorate the achievement after her latest album shattered every Spanish record and became the most-viewed song on social media platforms within eight days.

The Colombian threw a party at her home for close friends and family, and a massive crowd of Shakira’s fans gathered in front of the singer’s home, wherein she greeted them with a wave of her hand.

Footballers went on partying too hard with Shakira

The TV show ‘Salvame’ has disclosed more information concerning what transpired at the singer’s home, including the fact that a football player was spotted spending quality time with Shakira.

Fans were eager to find out the identity of the footballer, but for the first several hours they appeared to be at a loss.

Later, once the celebration had reached full volume, the face of the footballer emerged, and we immediately recognized Patrick Kluivert, the iconic former Barcelona superstar and Dutch international.

In the 1990s, the Dutchman was a very popular player at Barcelona as he is the third-highest goal scorer in Dutch history and the twelfth-highest in Blaugrana history.

However, the bond between the two different platform superstars is still shrouded in mystery, but the manner in which they interacted throughout the entire party reveals that they may be more than simply friends.


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