Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi promises sex workers for Monza players after victory vs Juventus

Serie A and the football world have seen one of the biggest upsets in club football last Sunday after Juventus lost to newly promoted Monza 2-0 at Allianz stadium,

Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister and owner of Monza Football Club has vowed to follow through on a promise he made to his players. Berlusconi promised to send his players a bus full of sex workers if they managed to defeat Juventus, one of the biggest clubs in Italy.

Berlusconi’s comments were widely criticized for being misogynistic. However, he defended himself, calling the statement “a simple dressing room joke”. Despite the criticism, Berlusconi has received over 100 calls asking him to fulfill his commitment.

Berlusconi is a well-known figure in Italian politics, best known for his three terms as Prime Minister between 1994 and 2011. He is also a billionaire and was elected to the Italian senate in October 2020 after serving as a member of the European Parliament.

Berlusconi’s involvement in football dates back many years. He was the owner of Milan between 1986 and 2017, where he oversaw a successful period in the club’s history.

During that time, the club won eight Serie A titles and five European Cups, among other honors. Berlusconi remains an active politician and is known for his populist style, bold personality, and tumultuous private life.

Juventus on turmoil!


Juventus on the other hand is struggling quite heavily in Serie A as they currently stand 13th on the Serie A table. The Azzuris started off the season bit slowly but found their fit at the right time and were on a course to challenge for the Scudetto.

However, everything went downhill after they had to face administration and were hit with a massive 15-point penalty for false accounting Friday following an appeal hearing at the Italian soccer federation. The club’s board of directors also resigned following the accusation.

Though they are trying to appeal to the administration, it seems like they might miss on European tournaments if the point deductions are not restored before the end of the season and this shocking loss to Monza has only made their situation worse.



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