“He ain’t doing Navy Seal Sh*t”: David Goggins shares his views on Andrew Tate’s release from Romanian prison

For many years, Andrew Tate has been a contentious personality on the internet. While it is true that many people despise him for advocating ideologies that defy the established norm in our society, millions of individuals truly support him simply because they believe Tate delivers the harsh facts.

David Goggins is another online influencer who delivers motivational messages online albeit in a more politically correct manner. Now he has spoken out regarding ‘Cobra’s release.

Since December, Top G, his brother Tristan, and two other women have all been detained. A Romanian court finally granted the internet influencer’s bail request on Friday night after he had been detained for three months in Bucharest; nevertheless, he will continue to be under house arrest until further notice.

What did David Goggins say about Andrew Tate? 

David Goggins, a competitor in ultra-endurance sports, recently made an appearance on the Chips N Caviar podcast, which is hosted by the bodybuilding duo Aaron Singerman and Rob Bailey. The former Navy SEAL discussed a variety of topics in the podcast, including his opinion of Andrew Tate and what he finds admirable and objectionable about the former kickboxer.

“That’s what I like about it. That’s what I like about it. I like that this m**********r right here he ain’t doing the Navy SEAL s**t. Oh, you don’t like David Goggins. I don’t know him at all, but neither do I.” Goggins said. 

Due to ‘alleged’ misogynistic remarks on numerous social media platforms, Cobra is known for being a very divisive figure. The British American personality was barred from several social media networks for promoting toxic masculinity and incoherent ideology. Tate has, however, reclaimed access to Twitter following Elon Musk’s takeover.

For this exact reason, author and public speaker Goggins thinks well of Tate. Simply because of fear, does not imply that he should refrain from publicly expressing his innermost thoughts.

The former Chief Petty Officer thinks that Andrew expresses himself in a way that many men in modern society are unable to or choose not to do, i.e., by speaking openly and without fear about whatever they like.

“No, this m**********r’s saying, look, dude, like it or not, this is my f*****g opinion, right, and that’s what it is. Which very few men do, ever yeah ever do they have their own opinion. Yeah, so I like Andrew Tate for that shit.” Goggins added.

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