“He is mine. He doesn’t have the power”: Vasiliy Lomachenko issues bold statement ahead of boxing bout vs Devin Haney

By pushing Vasiliy Lomachenko back during their encounter in the weigh-in session, did Devin Haney just let out the beast within? At least Vasiliy says Devin actually did that by attacking him on the spur of the moment. 

At the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the much-anticipated boxing match between Haney and Lomachenko will take place tonight. The PPV boxing match is accessible for $59.99 on ESPN PPV, the ESPN Plus app, and Sky Sports.

What did Vasiliy Lomachenko say before his bout against Devin Haney? 

In the days leading up to their highly anticipated lightweight battle, The Dream and Loma have verbally traded blows with one another. However, Devin escalated the situation when he attacked the Ukrainian yesterday during the ceremonial weigh-in session. 

Vasiliy appeared to be quite calm and cool, in contrast to Devin who seemed to be attacking and fairly hostile. The 35-year-old boxer now views the weigh-in session clash as a chance to activate his full beast mode inside the ring tonight. 

In an interview with ESPN’s Mark Kriegel, the two-time Olympic gold champion detailed his strategy for defeating Dream in the ring. The Ukrainian boxer threatened to take revenge on Devin by saying, “Because now he’s mine. He’s mine. He doesn’t have power. I felt it. He’s scared.” 

“If you want to fight inside the ring, you do a clean jab, but he talks about my dirty fighting, but now it looks like it’s him. Because he knows what happens on the inside.” Vasiliy said. 

Haney, according to Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs), is afraid of him. He asserts that Haney (29-0, 15 KO) has no chance of defeating him inside the ring and that this is the only reason he shoved him outside the ring to demonstrate his fear. When they finally square off in the ring, Loma is only interested in beating him up. 

“For him, maybe it’s dirty. Because he knows it’ll be very, very hard for him. He understands this. I think it’s two different styles and skills. This is the most different.” Lomachenko added.

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