“He’d gladly fight Franklin type once a year for next 5 years then retire”: Anthony Joshua’s shocking plan on his next fight leave fans disheartened

After suffering back-to-back defeats at the hands of Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua got back on the winning track by defeating Jermaine Franklin. Yet, instead of delighting the boxing world with regular and big fights, the British fighter has disappointed the fans with his upcoming fight schedule.

What does Anthony Joshua have planned for his next fight?

Following AJ’s emphatic victory over Franklin, Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn stated that they aim to pursue bigger matches this summer. Joshua, on the other hand, appears to have a different plan for himself.

The British boxer recently revealed his next fight plans on his Instagram account, causing his followers to become upset.

“My next fight is scheduled for December. Not ideal but everything is part of a bigger picture.” AJ wrote. 

How did fans react to Anthony Joshua’s shocking plan?

Andrew Minett isn’t surprised at all following Joshua’s last few years as he said, “Why is anyone shocked. Have u not followed his career last 5 years. He’s no interest in been active, he’d gladly fight franklin type once a year for next 5 years then retire.” 

A user expressed his dissatisfaction saying, “More like he’s searching for a bum to fight over fighting whyte in June who’s ready.”

Tim Harrington doesn’t find a valid reason why without any injury a boxer would be out of the ring for so long as he said, “Any news of an injury? I don’t understand why they would wait until December – maybe trainer busy with Spence-Crawford? I guess that is wishful thinking, but still – why such a long wait? Must be a reason.” 

According to Rhys Jones, it would be ideal if AJ fights another match between Summer and December as he said, “If he’s fighting whyte in December this is such a backward step. He should be fighting July and then December, unless it’s out of his hands. He needs to be active.”

Toby Nixon almost has similar thoughts as Jones as he too believes a match in Summer is essential.” I thought one of the main issues was inactivity. He’s not going to improve with a new coach if he isn’t active. Whyte in July should’ve happened and then maybe a Wilder in December IMO.”

“If he was having 2-3 rehab fights and THEN a big fight in December that would make sense but nothing until December? Dunno what AJ and/or Earn are thinking.” said Lee.

Who do you believe Anthony Joshua should face next? Share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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