How much did David Beckham make at LA Galaxy? Looking back at how Becks put MLS on the world map

Iconic footballer David Beckham embarked on his Manchester United journey at the age of seventeen and that was just the beginning of the illustrious career for one of the most celebrated soccer players in England. After United, the player joined Real Madrid and played four seasons with the team.

However, when he said goodbye to Madrid and shook hands with Major League Soccer(MLS) club LA Galaxy, his fans were taken aback.

So, it is time to explore how much the footballer made from his decision to join LA Galaxy.

How much did David Beckham make at LA Galaxy?

Upon closing his ties with Real Madrid, the footballer flew to America to join MLS and this move of his sparked huge backlash from both sports analysts and his fans. MLS offered him an annual salary of $6.5 million which was nearly 70% lower compared to what the athlete was earning in Madrid.

However, at the end of his tenure with MLS, when he ended up bagging more than $500 million, the whole world was asking, ‘How?’

David made such a lavish fortune with the team from a hidden contract with the organization which paid him a certain percentage of its revenue to him along with the right to purchase MLS’s team with a $25 million amount after his retirement.

How David Beckham brought MLS to the world map?

After the English footballer stepped into the organization, it started experiencing huge benefits in terms of popularity, expansion of goodwill, and more. When David joined MLS, it was not more than 10 years old and unknown to many.

But utilizing the stardom of the footballer, it expressed itself with new heights among the biggest soccer organizations in the world.

David Beckham’s decision to join MLs had more significance than anyone can imagine. On one hand, it helped the footballer to reshape his career at the age of 31, on the other hand depending on his mighty shoulder; MLS expressed itself with a new identity among other giants.

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