“I can’t take it”: Vasyl Lomachenko blasts boxing organizations for having multiple world champions in each weight class

Vasyl Lomachenko, the Ukrainian boxing sensation, is clearly not a fan of the current system in boxing that allows for multiple world champions in each weight class. In a recent interview, he declared, “I can’t take it,” expressing how angry he is about the situation.

“In professional boxing, we have four belts. You can be the world champion of one organization, how? How do we have four different world champions in one weight class? How? It’s like a race and two cars get two first places. I can’t take it. For me, there is only one world champion,” he added.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Lomachenko’s Call for Clarity: Boxing’s Need for a Streamlined and Fair System

Lomachenko’s analogy of two cars getting two first places in a race looks spot on. The goal of having a world champion should be to identify the best of the best, not the best in the eyes of just one certain organization. But Lomachenko’s frustration goes deeper than just the issue of multiple world champions.

The issue speaks to a larger problem in professional boxing – a lack of clear rules and regulations. The sport is notorious for its confusing scoring system, questionable decisions, and inconsistent rule enforcement.

The combination of all these factors leaves spectators, fighters, and even the boxers themselves scratching their heads in confusion. Finally, Lomachenko’s remarks need to act as a wake-up call for boxing organizations. It’s time to begin making progress towards a more efficient and just system that honors real winners rather than simply those who happen to wear a belt around their waist. “For me, there is only one world champion,” says Lomachenko

Upholding the Integrity of Boxing: Vasyl Lomachenko And His Quest For True World Champions

To put things into perspective, many boxers share Vasyl Lomachenko’s annoyance with the several world champions in each weight class. While it may be a marketing strategy for the various boxing organizations, it ultimately dilutes the significance of being a true world champion. The comparison would be like attempting to compare a champion in one weight class to another champion in a different weight class; it would be absurd.

It’s critical to keep in mind the value of protecting the integrity of the sport and honoring real champions for their achievements in the ring as combat sports continue to develop and change. In the end, boxing is about more than simply winning championships; it’s about the sport’s creativity, strategy, the fighter’s heart, and the “Fight” within the fighter.

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