“I didn’t become a bad manager overnight” Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp makes shocking statement amid disastrous season

Liverpool manager, Jürgen Klopp, amid a disastrous season, has recently made a shocking statement to keep people reminded of the fact that he is still a top manager and that he didn’t become a bad manager overnight.

Despite the team’s poor performance this season, Klopp has the full backing of the club’s ownership group FSG due to the four trophy-laden seasons they have had under his leadership.

Klopp accepts that Liverpool must return to the high standards they have set and has promised fans that the team will “go for it with all they have” in the remaining months of the season.

Klopp candidly admits that if it was another manager in charge at Anfield, they would be facing the sack.

However, he has the full backing of the club’s Boston-based owners after taking Liverpool back to the top of European Football, which means he is in no danger despite Liverpool currently languishing 21 points behind leaders Arsenal and ten points off a top-four place.

The German boss explained that this season was always going to be a big challenge even without the injuries that have sabotaged the team’s campaign. He said, “I knew it would be difficult, absolutely.

Last season was super intense and much longer than we expected because who would have expected us to be in so many finals.”

Klopp added that with fewer injuries, they could have easily had at least five points more, which would have still not been a brilliant season, but they would be fighting for the Champions League, which is considered a normal season.

“However, injuries to decisive players have made it an especially average or bad season so far and you cannot just replace them. On top of that, if you don’t have time to train and you have three days until the next game it’s not like you can invent football in those one-and-a-half sessions,” said Klopp.

The manager is optimistic that they can get through this together and get much closer again, and from there, anything can happen.



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