Louisiana legislative auditor finds out LSU overpaid HC Brian Kelly by over $1M in 2022 due to double-payments

The LSU Tigers football team defeated the Purdue Boilermakers by the largest margin of victory in the event’s history, thanks to the new head coach Brian Kelly.

The 61-year-old veteran coach joined the LSU staff this season on a hundred million contract and made an exceptional change in the style of play among the young potentials. His work was paid for as the team won the bowl game earlier in the month.

But, behind all of the accolades, Kelly received additional funds when LSU transferred funds to his LLC, and, predictably, that sum of money would not go unnoticed.

What actually happened to Brian Kelly regarding the money issue?

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor investigated Brian Kelly‘s LLC and found a discrepancy in the ledger. It appeared Kelly got $1 million extra from LSU for the 2022 season.

As a result, speculation arose as to whether the coach obtained the money in an unethical manner or whether it was simply a mistake made by the accountant at LSU. But again, that amount of money being paid by mistake is tough to imagine.

The cause could be the double payment problem, and LSU is working to adjust the pay for the 2023 season after the report is published. According to that report, the university’s profit margin rolled over 15% which came from the institution’s football program.

Kelly surely improved a lot in that program; he started with a defeat but ended up with nine dominating victories in the regular season. However, before winning the Citrus Bowl, they were defeated by the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC championship game by a score of 30 to 50.

As we already know, the contract cost Brian almost three times more than his previous one with Notre Dame, so the extra $1 million might not have caught his eye. So we can conclude no harm, no foul.

However, the accountants should be more cautious while handling the number, but we wouldn’t mind finding some extra bucks in our account. Would you?


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