“I think it’s more destiny” Gonzalo Higuaín’s admission of World Cup-Copa America failures comes as shock

Former Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuaín declared last week that he will give up playing professional football at the conclusion of the current campaign. The present Inter Miami FC attacker, who has 14 goals in 26 games so far this season, made his choice during a media briefing and broke down in tears after telling the reporters and the public about his upcoming future chores.

The resilient Argentine elucidated about the nearly constant abuse he endured throughout his turbulent career, and in the team hotel for Inter Miami, Gonzalo is beaming only a few weeks before he makes his emotional retirement announcement. He walks into the room with a coffee in his hand and sits down while wearing Inter Miami pink.

Former Napoli striker will be recognized as among the most productive and complex players of an era as he approaches retirement and he will be regarded as one of the finest pure attackers the sport has seen in a long time, scoring a ton of goals for both club and country.

In addition, he will be regarded as possibly the biggest casualty of the social media age in football, though. Unfortunately, he will also be known for his failures on the grandest stage, his weaknesses, and the fact that the entire world could observe and judge him in instantaneously.

The former Juventus man is not only prepared to discuss the positive moments, but also the challenging ones. In a time when sportsmen are taught to be so alone, one of his most striking qualities is how realistic he is.

The 34-year-old attacker is well conscious of the stigma still around him and is also prepared to acknowledge that he is aware that some football fans refer to him as a “choker,” and that it does upset him on a human level, in contrast to many of his contemporaries who are always making the claim that they don’t actually listen to media or social networks.

Gonzalo then insisted, “I think it’s more destiny, You could win or you could lose and, for us, we were fortunate to be able to play three finals and, unfortunately, we lost them. When I left the national team, they made this final at the Copa America and I was very happy.”

Higuaín is aware that some people may never forgive him for what they believe to be his mistakes on the big tournaments, and that’s okay. He claims that pivotal errors for Argentina at the World Cup and Copa America are a part of his tale.


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