‘I’ll still f**k your girl’’: Anthony Joshua claps back at haters, talks on potential bout vs Dillian Whyte

There have been rumors that Anthony Joshua will fight Dillian Whyte in August. However, in his most recent Instagram story, AJ clapped back at the critics while refusing to know anything about that fight.

On December 12, 2015, Anthony and Whyte faced off in a match at London’s O2 Arena when both were still undefeated. The Body Snatcher’s winning streak came to an end after AJ knocked him out in the seventh round.

Eight years later, Whyte has recently declared his desire to confront AJ once again and get retribution. The two-time former unified heavyweight champion, though, rejected the idea of such a matchup. 


Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn also last week confirmed that there’s been a possibility of a rematch. However, AJ refused to know that matchup possibility by saying, ” I don’t know about any talks to fight Dillian Whyte.” 

When is Anthony Joshua’s next fight?

AJ’s upcoming fight’s likely date, hour, and location are yet to be announced officially. According to the most possible outcome, Joshua and Deontay Wilder will fight in Saudi Arabia in December.

There has been a possibility regarding Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua’s heavyweight bout, which has moved one step closer to being agreed upon in Wembley. Discussions seem to be progressing swiftly, according to reports from both boxers’ camps. 

Why do boxing fans criticize Anthony Joshua?

There aren’t many athletes in the world who are completely adored or despised. Similar concerns apply to Joshua, and it is challenging to determine whether his critics are unreasonable.

There is a good chance that the fans of the boxers he defeated during his career criticize him. However, in general, Joshua has a very calm personality as a boxer and doesn’t have a lot of haters as well.

Who do you think Anthony Joshua should fight next before facing Deontay Wilder in December? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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