“I’m the boss of this game”: Tyson Fury claps back at UFC star Jon Jones challenge for boxing bout

For the last few days, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and UFC heavyweight champion have been going back and forth on social media. This all started after UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan said in one of his episodes that Jones would destroy Fury if they were locked in a room.

Rogan’s comments went viral on the internet and The Gypsy King noticed this and offered his response. Consequently, in his Instagram story, the British boxer made a statement that “I heard that Jon Jones could f**k me up if we were in a room together. I don’t think so. Not a man born from a mother can f**k me up.”

Thereafter Jon Jones replied on Twitter and challenged Tyson Fury for an MMA fight inside the octagon. Unfortunately, The WBC heavyweight champion declined Jonny Bones’ call out for a fight inside the octagon and instead demanded the UFC champion to square off in a boxing bout.

“I see Jon Jones is piped up. Jon, you talk about me in a cage I’m not a cage fighter mate, I’m a boxer and the best boxer actually so if you want to come into a boxing ring and fight me be my guest. You don’t have to call anybody else. No Dana’s, nobody, you call me. Because it’s boxing fight and I’m the boss in this game. You’re a great fighter Jon but you’re definitely no boxer.”

Jon Jones brutally trolls Tyson Fury in latest response

Soon after Tyson Fury declined Jon’s offer of fighting inside the cage via his Instagram story, the UFC heavyweight champion reacted to it and brutally trolled him back. The two-division UFC champion gave a sarcastic reply and reposted Fury’s video on his story.

“Oh boy, Tyson Fury out there claiming he gonna beat me up. I better back off,” chuckled Jones. The UFC champion didn’t stop there as he took a dig at Fury on Twitter.

Fans weren’t happy with The Gypsy King backing out of a fight as he previously claimed that no one can annihilate him in a fight. In the end, It is safe to say that this is back and forth is limited to social media and we won’t witness these two heavyweight champions collide inside the ring or an octgaon.

Besides, this rivalry was entertaining and short while it lasted. Do let us know in the comments section your thoughts on this banter between Jones and Fury.

Let us know your thoughts on the back-and-forth banter between Tyson Fury and Jon Jones. Do you think their rivalry was entertaining, or were you hoping to see them actually face off in the ring or octagon?


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