Italian footballer detained after allegedly killing ex-girlfriend with hammer

Soccer players become superstar when they play extraordinary football in professional stage but they may become a public enemy if got involved with criminal activities which would definitely affect on their popularity as well.

According to reports, an Italian soccer player beat his ex-girlfriend to death with a hammer and a baseball bat just weeks after she reported him for stalking.

Why an Italian footballer arrested over assualting?

Italian club side Troina Calcio is a third division football club on which Giovanni Padovani plays as a defender as a professional football player, however, this Italian center-back recently accused of abandoning his squad on the eve of a cup match and flying to Bologna to wait for Alessandra Matteuzzi, 56., who was a former girlfriend of him.

Padovani, 27, then ambushed Alessandra in the foyer of her apartment building when she returned home, according to authorities and, in the meantime, she was also talking on the phone with her sister Stefania, who overheard her screams as she was being attacked.


Stefania recalled the incident she heard over the phone by saying, “She got out of her car and started screaming, ‘No Giovanni, no, I beg you, help. I was on the phone. I immediately called the Carabinieri who arrived straight away. I live 30km away. In the end he beat her to death.”

A few years ago, Giovanni and Mattuezzi became a happy couple but used to live far away from each other because of their professions. At the beginning of 2022, they got into a quarrel by breaking home appliances to show their frustration.

Alessandra’s sister Stefania also mentioned her sister’s boyfriend acting indiscriminately towards her skin and blister by cracking her car, cutting off the electricity line from outside, and sending offensive text messages.

Following the assault, Padovani was arrested and is being jailed on suspicion of aggravated murder.


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