“It’s himself” Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag hails Marcos Rashford amid FA Cup win vs Everton

The promised teenager is taking things in his stride for Manchester United these days after scoring five games in a row and certainly, Marcus Rashford MBE is back to life.

Rashford is by-born a Manchester fan and one of their own as the local lad graduated from the Carrington academy and is one of their most talented players.

After a few years struggling with injuries and fighting with his form, former ‘Manchester United player of the season’ is back at his dagger sharpness after a high-flying form under the new manager, Eric Ten Hag.

Rashford has been reborn under the Dutch manager and has rediscovered his rhythm. He has a great footballing sense and can play as a winger, a striker, and the newly implemented No. 10 position. He is as versatile as his manager wishes him to be.

“He has fantastic skills and we talked about it the other day. He Can play either flank or other. He is good as playmaking. He is a complete package. He is himself [the reason why he is flourishing this season]. He has the skills, I am just supporting him and motivating him, that is clear.”- The united boss spoken after Rashford scored against Everton.

“I have a plan [When asked about next assignment Man City], but first I do sleep.”- Ten Hag added.

Clearly, Eric Ten Hag has nothing but praise for the young superstar after his magnificent performance, and Rashford is doing a fever to his and Manager’s faith, could encourage the fans even further.

Marcus Rashford said about his current form in front of goal: “This is probably up there with the best that I’ve been. I feel good on the pitch, I’m getting in positions and areas to score goals in.”

They will face Manchester City on the 14th of January, and after suffering a humiliating defeat against the local rivals the last time they played, Manchester United will seek revenge on their home turf. Ten Hag will be wanting Rashford will come to the party and continue to have the same magical touch that he is having.

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