Jake Paul Gives brutal take on beating Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva “in the same night”

Celebrity boxer Jake Paul has made a sensational claim that he would beat combat sports legends Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Anderson “The Spider” Silva on the same night if given the chance.

Jake “The Problem Child” Paul and his brother Logan Paul are Ohio natives who earned their fame through social media and YouTube. They transitioned into boxing and have excelled in it. The younger brother, Jake Paul is undefeated in his boxing career with a 5-0 record. 

Jake has fought retired legends of combat sports, such as ex UFC welterweight champion Tyrone Woodley and contender Ben Askren. Jake knocked them both out in impressive fashion. These wins gave him the confidence to call out other legends of both MMA and Boxing.

The likes of Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, Micheal Bisping, and Anderson Silva are all on Jake’s “hitlist”. Jake tweeted out that he would defeat both Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva on the same night after both the veterans featured in exhibition bouts in Abu Dhabi. 

Here is the tweet:

Jake is obviously trolling and two fights against elite fighters like Floyd and Anderson won’t ever be sanctioned on the same night. Although both are past their primes, they are still very good at boxing. Mayweather and Silva both earned dominant wins over their exhibition opponents and they are showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

Jake’s brother Logan fought Mayweather in an exhibition where no winner was announced, but Mayweather still dominated the fight against the much larger Paul. Neither Mayweather nor Anderson Silva will be a cakewalk for Jake Paul, even though he is so boisterously claiming so.


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