Jake Paul trolls Anderson Silva’s Viscous KO victory against Bruno Machado with ‘Spider meme’

Jake Paul has trolled Anderson Silva’s latest dominant display against Bruno Machado with a spider exterminator meme. Anderson Silva is one of the many fighters who have been targeted by Jake Paul to face in the boxing ring. Paul has been calling Silva out for a fight and this latest meme could set up a fight between them very soon!

Paul’s meme was his head photoshopped to a bug exterminator’s body with a truck having the spider logo on it. This is a jibe at Anderson Silva’s nickname “the Spider”. What Paul is implying is that he will exterminate the spider who has recently beaten both Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. and Tito Ortiz! 

However, despite his dominant display and brutal knockdown of Bruno Machado Anderson did not win the fight! This was because the fight was an exhibition match and did not have a winner or loser. 

Here is Jake Paul’s meme:

If the problem child can deal with Anderson Silva’s guile and crafty boxing techniques remains to be seen! Anderson Silva would be a huge step-up in competition for Jake Paul as he has only fought non-strikers and retired fighters!

Although Anderson Silva himself is retired, he is still one of the most dangerous strikers on the planet! Prior to his latest fight, he had knocked out the former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz out cold! The veteran Spider still has a lot of power in his hands and could prove too much for Jake Paul to handle if the fight does materialize!


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