John Fury Family: Meet his six children and two spouses Amber, Chantal

John Fury is a proud father, and as a former fighter himself, he has cultivated a family of fighters, including one of his sons, who is the undisputed world heavyweight champion. However, little is known about the rest of his family.

John Fury and his family are present in various aspects, from boxing to reality TV. He is a family-oriented man who wholeheartedly supports his children and attends all their events. He is also frequently seen alongside Tommy and Tyson as they navigate the world of boxing.

Who are John Fury’s children?

John Fury has nurtured a family of fighters, with all his sons involved in the world of boxing in some capacity. John himself was both a boxer and a bare-knuckle fighter, known for being a tough father. His son Tyson is a two-time world heavyweight boxing champion. His son Tommy, who is Tyson’s half-brother, is not only a reality show star but also a professional boxer. His son Roman is also a professional boxer.

Furthermore, his cousins, including Hughie Fury, Nathan Gorman, Hosea Burton, and Andy Lee, as well as his uncle Peter Fury, are also part of the boxing world. Tommy and Tyson have gained significant popularity and are actively engaged in the ring, putting on impressive shows. His heavyweight champion son is going to be fighting Francis Ngannou in a boxing match later this month. His youngest son just had a fight with the famous youtuber KSI, and beat him.

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Meet the two spouses of John Fury

John has been married twice. He first tied the knot with Amber. The two met when John started boxing, they then fell in love and had three boys and one girl. The three boys, Tyson, Shane, and Hughie, are now involved in or related to the sport of boxing. They also had a girl named Ramona, who tragically passed away only months after her birth. The loss of Ramona took a massive toll on the family, leading to a series of challenges.

Their marriage started to unravel, and eventually, they decided to mutually separate.John met Chantal soon after, who hails from Mauritius, and the two fell in love instantly. They got married and had two more children, Tommy and Roman. The two have remained happily married ever since.

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