“I’ll get you in Manchester”: John Fury sends stern warning to KSI on Adin Ross’ live stream ft. Tommy Fury

Famous youtuber turned boxer KSI, and Tommy Fury are all set to face each other in the boxing ring. An exhibition match was announced earlier between KSI and Tommy Fury, and fans are absolutely exhilarated.

In a recent live stream of famous internet personality and twitch streamer Adin Ross, KSI and the Furys got into a heated exchange where John Fury sent a stern warning to the youtuber turned boxer.

John Fury sends stern warning to KSI on Adin Ross’ live stream

Adin Ross linked up John fury and Tommy fury with KSI on his live stream. What followed was a heated exchange between the two corners. Tommy Fury’s dad, John Fury issued a stern warning to KSI.

JJ Olatunji also known as KSI provoked John Fury during the live stream repeatedly. John Fury being the short tempered man he is, went on to send a warning to JJ. John and said that he’ll get him in Manchester.

JJ kept on provoking John Fury to punch him on live stream, to which the former boxer responded, “I’ll get you in Manchester mate.”

John Fury further went on to say when JJ comes to the press conference in Manchester, he will fold him up like a paper airplane. Adin Ross, the host of the interaction between the two corners intervened, and asked John Fury to hold on saying, “Hold on pops.”

JJ insinuated that Tommy Fury can train all he wants but it wouldn’t matter. JJ further went on to say that he’s confident that he’ll come through and knock Fury out, which infuriated John Fury further.

KSI yells John Fury to ‘shut the f**k up’ during the live stream

When KSI claimed that Tommy Fury could train all he wanted and would still get knocked out, John Fury was infuriated. John went on to mock JJ’s built and said, “With those shoulders?”

Tommy Fury intervened and said that that KSI says such things all the time, and he’ll knock 99.9 percent of the boxers. KSI asked to let him talk but John Fury shut him up as he continued to utter “Bomb Squad” multiple times.

KSI then yelled at John Fury to shut the fuck up.

“John are you dumb,” he said. Adin Ross interfered and shouted that he has some questions and straight up asked KSI on who he thinks has a better chin.

The response from JJ was obvious, the youtuber turned boxer flaunted his chin and jawline on the stream and told that he can take more punches, further adding that he has a granite chin.

KSI and Tommy Fury will be fighting the same night as Logan Paul and Dillon Danis. Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the result of the fight.

Who do you think will come out on top between Fury and KSI? Also tell us about your thoughts on Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis. Will Logan Paul avenge the humiliation of his Fiancée?

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