Joy Behar blames “heterosexual men” and “conservatives” for NFL injuries following Damar Hamlin incident

The accident of Damar Hamlin has shocked the NFL universe, and ever since the day, every topic has been surrounding the incident. A lot of people do not like Football because of its masculine attributes. On the other hand, the game is played mainly by men making it the perfect sport for “toxic feminists” to attack.

Joy Behar on “The View” claimed that heterosexual men and conservatives are responsible for injuries like those Hamlin has suffered, making it clear she disapproves of Football. 

What did Joy Behar say?

Joy Behar on “The View” makes a sexist comment on Football as she says-

“45% of Americans think that tackle football is appropriate. Heterosexual men voted the most support for kids doing Football. And conservatives were more likely to support youth tackle football. Just saying,”

Her attacks are apparent; she does not want American to play Football- to be precise, she does not want the youth to participate in the sport ending the continuity of Football. She is right on one thing: Football, like any other sport, is dangerous from many angles, but one has to keep in mind that professional Football and kids playing Football are two different things.

Professional athletes know what they are doing- they intentionally put their bodies in line and are rewarded for their entertaining acts. On the other hand, kids who play Football need to be supervised, and not all will go on to play full-time.

What will America look like without Football?

For once, let us imagine that Football is dangerous and gets cancelled. Approximately 70% of the athletes involved in the game are black men. Moreover, these men not only entertain huge crowds but also return their earnings to their communities. Damar Hamlin is also one of those players; even while injured, he has raised enough money- $7.7 million- through his toy drive. This toy drive will put a smile on many kids’ faces- which could not be done without Football.

So, without Football, a lot of Americans would inevitably suffer. This magnificent game helps plenty of people, not just in America but around the globe- to work in teams, learn to discipline themselves, and overall live a better life.

Then again, we leave you with the question- Do you agree with Joy Behar and want Football to be cancelled? Share your opinion in the comments.


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